Lent Resources and Revival Services – February 17-April 3, 2021

Phillips Hartford Lent Resources:
Lenten Devotional: February 17-28, 2021
Lenten Devotional: March 1-April 3, 2021


During this Lenten Season, the College of Bishops and the Connectional Young Adult Ministry offer Daily Lenten Reflections as part of our journey and growth together. This year, our weekly themes and readings focus on characteristics of notable Biblical characters and their calls. The readings challenge us to consider their challenges and our own calls in a changing world.

As part of our Lenten reflections, musical playlists have been curated to reflect the theme of the week These songs have been carefully selected to provide support for your devotional time or even for your commute to ad from work. We pray these playlists will invoke the presence of God in our day and in your journey through the Lenten season.

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2)   Hold camera up to QR Code.
3)   When the four corners of the box show up, a link should show up on your top screen (or automatically open)
4)   The link should take you directly to the Spotify playlist.

View or download College of Bishops and CYAM Lent Resource:  2021 Daily Lenten Reflections