We believe that God our Source desires to be connected to everyone. Often we do not feel connected because of our own flaws or weaknesses. Jesus our Hero came, however, to connect us to God no matter how disconnected we may feel. Not only does Jesus want you connected to God our Source, but he wants you connected to others in positive, healthy relationships, and he wants you to connect others to the Source!

You can get connected today. All you have to do is follow the ABC’s:

1) Acknowledge that you have been disconnected from  God the Source.

2) Believe that Jesus came so that you could be connected.

3) Confess that you desire to be connected and that you want to live a life like Jesus did—a life connected to God, the Source of Everything.

If you did that, we believe that you got connected or saved! Let us know if you made a decision for Jesus by answering the questions below. <