Bread for the World

Your help is needed in support of the Bread for the World letter writing campaign.  Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to hand-deliver the letters we’ve collected to date and will need to submit letters online.  If you have already completed and turned in a letter, THANK YOU – we have submitted it online for you.  If you have not completed a letter and returned it to the church, you can submit it online NOW.  

There are three letters to be submitted:  1) Connecticut Global Nutrition, 2) Connecticut Domestic Nutrition, and 3) Connecticut COVID-19 Nutrition.  Here are the letter links:
Connecticut Global Nutrition –
Connecticut Domestic Nutrition –
Connecticut COVID-19 Nutrition –

1.  Click on the link.
2.  Complete the portion on the left including your name, full address (please include your +4 zip code), email address and phone number.  If you don’t know your +4 zip code, you can look it up here:  Zip Code Finder.
3.  Click the “Send Your Message” button at the bottom of the page.
** You will need to do this for all 3 Letter Links above **
4.  Take it one step further and share this with a few friends so they can submit the letters as well; or take down their information and submit the letters on their behalf.  

If you would like to support this initiative but are not comfortable with technology, please email the church office and include your name, full address, email address and phone number and we will submit the letters on your behalf.  We can do this for your friends who would like to support this as well.

Our goal is to submit 5,000 letters.  Please call or email the church to let us know once you’ve submitted the letters online so that we can track numbers locally.  Please contact Sis. Mattie Hamber with questions at (860) 655-5001.  Thank you for supporting this initiative!